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Myth of Time Management Free Sampler

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Myth of Time Management Free Sampler

Great News for You- A free Sampler!

The great news for me is that, after 10 years research and writing, I have finally published my book. It is on Amazon throughout the world and comes in e-book and paperback formats from £4.06, €4.70 or $4.99.

The great news for you, is that you will now be able to learn a better way to look after your time. Wasting time, saving time and “Prioritising Lists” will all be a thing of the past. You will use your time more effectively and more naturally.

If you are reluctant to buy the book then try the free sampler.

This sampler provides has sections to:

  • Introduce the book,
  • Explain how it came about,
  • See if it is suitable for you,
  • Show you how you can use the book,
  • Explain the First Myth and,
  • Gives you the first activity, to get you going on the path to Timelyness.

I would welcome any feedback on the Sampler, just use the Contact Form.

If you do the activity, in Chapter 1, then I am happy to help you move forward in Timelyness – the art of making work fit the time you want to give it. 

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To get your Free Sampler here.