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Myth of Time Management Book

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Myth of Time Management -Free Previews

It is available worldwide through Amazon Kindle, or you can preview it here

Myth of Time Management -Foreword

Dr Jonathan Davies

Executive Development Specialist

In over 20 years of running executive management programs I have been puzzled at how often delegates would return to time management workshops.

Trevor Andrews, the author of this book, has obviously spent much time researching the topic and getting to the bottom of why this recurring behaviour is so prevalent.

Not only does the following pages explore the underlying causes but they come up with an entirely novel solution based on what drives human nature.

In essence this isn’t a quick fix that leads to only temporary success. It is a challenging and thought provoking read that offers a framework that can be tailored to your own personality preferences.

And that is why it is so unusual and ground breaking.  It allows you to step back and reconsider your approach and tailor it accordingly. So, fasten your safety belts for what may well be a transformative experience that could change your life! 

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